Zara’s Travels: From Scotland to Singapore

No kid has seen the world like Zara Khanna. With more than fifty stamps in her passport before the age of 11, Zara has been on a wild South African safari, hiked to the majestic Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan, and camped in yurts in Mongolia–always sharing her witty and charming video dispatches on her “Zara’s Travels” YouTube and Facebook channels. She’s also a budding entrepreneur, founding and coding Octa, the only chatbot dedicated to planning epic family holidays.

Now you can relive her grandest adventure yet. In the summer of 2018, Zara and her smartypants daddy Parag set off on the world’s longest overland journey from Scotland all the way to Singapore, traversing the mega-continent of Eurasia almost entirely by train. Setting off from Inverness (home of the Loch Ness Monster) and crossing Europe and Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia, China and Southeast Asia all the way to Singapore’s Sentosa Island (the southernmost tip of Asia), Zara immersed in exotic civilizations, feasted on scrumptious foods, visited medieval monuments, and navigated teeming megacities.

After a couple of pesky school year interruptions, Zara’s Travels (Volume I) is ready to immerse kids of all ages into the geography, history, and culture of dozens of the world’s most interesting countries home to billions of people. Zara’s youthful perspective and colorful video segments bring ancient societies to life, her magical realism mingles historical figures and fictional local guides, and her fun facts and quizzes keep readers on their toes. Global studies will never be the same!

Copyright © 2020 by Zara Khanna
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-981-14-8436-0
First Edition

“By the age of nine, Zara Khanna had traveled to more than fifty countries, displayed a zest, a spirit and a fearless sense of adventure that could put most of us to shame and was serving as a role model for a new generation of savvy global citizens. Now, in her first book (of many, I’m sure), she offers a truly inspiring and informed guide to the planet that takes us from England to Uzbekistan to Laos and teaches us all how to look beyond borders and journey with delight. Witty, winning, interactive, multimedia: here is a unique guidebook to tomorrow!”

Pico Iyer, author of Video Nights in Kathmandu, Tropical Classical, The Global Soul, Sun After Dark, and many other books   

“A wondrous and extra special book that will inspire travellers, globe trotters, geographers and historians of all ages.”

Peter Frankopen, Professor of Global History, Oxford University, and author of The Silk Roads and The New Silk Roads

“A curiosity-fueled romp across Eurasia, From Scotland to Singapore contains a wealth of history, geography, and just pure fun. And there’s no more tireless and imaginative a guide than Zara Khanna.”

Paul Salopek, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist currently walking around the world for the Out of Eden project sponsored by National Geographic

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